HDB Designer Renovation

The Best HDB Designer Renovation Ideas

The very best HDB designer renovation ideas are from architectural firms that are registered with the Housing Development Board (HDB) of Singapore. HDB residences are multi-storey structures built for low cost housing. It is the most common type of residence in Singapore. It has a pre-determined set of standards that must be followed at all times with minimal provisions for modifications. Its objective is a standardized structure that will last longer than a lifetime.

It has a uniform pattern for structural frames and foundations. But one need not feel “dead ended” with these limitations. Alternatives are still available.

HDB renovation contractors are most familiar with the standards set by the HDB. They also have creative ideas for your design needs. They have the expertise to design structures that will optimize the space limitations imposed by HDB structures. They also can help you ascertain if you will require prior approval from the board before renovation operations commence. They have unique ways around prohibitions and limitations. So just have faith in them and you’ll eventually see your desires met.

HDB Designer Renovation Limitations

HDB flats are constructed for affordability. Its structural standards are set to keep the quality and security of the shelters. The six types of structures allowed are mapped to the income brackets of its constituents. The available ranges are from two to five rooms (45 square meters to 110 square meters). Renovations are for re-selling the property or for just improving one’s familial haven. Contracting a non-registered firm when renovating HDB residences entails a $5,000,00 fine.

Additional guidelines include approved sets of furniture that is allowed, and renovations that don’t demolish walls, columns, beams, and slabs. Additional constructions that tend to overload the pre-computed average quantity are prohibited. Installing additional external structures that pose as potential hazards to the board’s evaluation are also not approved. In addition, toilet sets must be all of the same shape, colour, and size, implying a pre-selected brand.

Plan Ahead With Your HDB Designer Renovation Consultant

So it is definitely recommended that you plan ahead with your HDB designer renovation consultant. Remember, your residence is intended to last longer than a lifetime. Complying with all guidelines, while having the freedom to express your design preferences within a budget, is important. Both affordability and quality of design are integrated in one package.