HDB Flat Interior Design

HDB Flat Interior Design Ideas

For people who live in a flat provided by Housing and Development Board, they know that they are not getting a lot of space. The housing unit is more of a practicality choice than a luxury option. It doesn’t mean that they can’t make the most of their space, though. For HDB flat owners, they can maximise their space by choosing an interior design that not only reflects their personality, but also complements their lifestyle.

Minimalist Design Benefits For HDB Flat Interior Design

There are different interior design styles that are available, but for those who want to maximise space of a limited area, they can probably get the most from a minimalist design. Minimalism in interior design is all about simplicity. It uses only the fewest elements possible to maximise the effect. In large spaces, the effect is glaring, and therefore astonishing. But for small spaces, minimalism is beneficial as it creates the illusion of ample space area.

Aside from being simple and classy, minimalist interior design for HDB flats also looks and feels less stressful. With few furniture and decorations used, simple and basic colour shades, and virtually no clutters visible, the whole space looks peaceful, soothing, and less confusing. It also promotes easy and less house chores since the space doesn’t use many furniture and fixtures.

How To Put Up Minimalist Style For HDB Flat Interior Design

As minimalism is about simplicity, the furniture used should be simple and classy. Quality is always prioritised over quantity. In fact, quantity is at the minimum in this type of interior design. But it also doesn’t mean that the few pieces that adorn the space are of mediocre quality. Minimalism should exude class above all else so the quality of each item should be top-notch.

Everything is plain but not boring. The walls, floors, tiles, and surfaces are clean and smooth. There are no busy prints and intricate details. The shades are limited to neutral tones, like white, gray, and black. The focus should be just on the main elements as well. Interior designers normally choose just one element of the HDB flat, usually the living room, and make it the focal point of the entire apartment.