HDB Home Renovation

HDB Home Renovation Tips

Is your HDB flat looking a little flat? Does it lack oomph? Or perhaps it just doesn’t reflect your personality or your lifestyle? Houses from the Singapore Housing and Development Board start out as generic units. They may be practical and sensible living spaces, but they lack character. It’s no wonder many people opt to consult interior design specialists to give their HDB flats a little character. But before you take out a hammer and saw and start taking down walls, you should be aware of the rules and regulations the HDB has imposed for renovation of an HDB flat.

Rules And Regulations For HDB Home Renovation

You can’t renovate your HDB home without permission from the HDB itself so get a permit from them before starting anything. However, there are certain types of renovation work that don’t require a permit. The types of work that need and don’t need permit are listed on the HDB website. But for those that don’t need one, you still must comply with the guidelines and conditions governing such item as set.

Only HDB-registered renovation contractors are allowed to carry out HDB home renovation works. That means you can’t do the work yourself if you’re not a registered contractor, or hire just any contractor that isn’t authorised by the statutory board. After hiring an authorised renovation contractor, the said contractor must display a Notice of Renovation Works outside your flat until the whole job is completed. The contractor is also required to inform your neighbours of the renovation, including the renovation works that don’t need permits, through a notice given to them at least 3 days prior to the commencement of the work.

Time schedule for renovation works is strictly implemented as well. All general renovation works should be carried out between 8am to 6pm daily, but noisy renovations, like the demolition of walls or drilling works, are only allowed from 9am to 5pm during weekdays. Also, all renovation works must be completed within one month for existing blocks, and four months for new blocks.

Prohibited Renovation Works For HDB Home Renovation

But whatever plan you need for your HDB flat, there are certain renovation works that are prohibited by the board, such as the removal of structural members like reinforced walls and columns, plastering of ceilings, installation of casement windows here flat’s facade is facing common corridor, and removal or tampering of safety railings installed in the flat. Any violation of the renovation works rules and regulations or guidelines of HDB would lead to a fine up to $5,000 and other penalties upon conviction.