HDB Interior Design Singapore

Redefining Small Space Design With HDB Interior Design Singapore

One of the biggest problems for homeowners and apartment owners in Singapore is the lack of space. The city state of Singapore, despite its remarkable reputation in the international economic market, remains a victim of land scarcity. Although the issue of land scarcity often presents limits to the practice of interior design in the Lion City, innovative and creative Singapore interior designers have made it their mission to transform residential units into fabulous living spaces that denote style and comfort.

Understanding HDB Interior Design Singapore

Many interior designers today are often hired to revamp HDB flats and turn them into stylish units that exude the look and feel of opulence. Ever wonder how these visual artists get the job done in a seemingly perfect fashion? Well, here are a few creative and practical design techniques that most Singaporean interior designers integrate into their holistic design approach:

Design Tips For HDB Interior Design Singapore

Start by decluttering.
A messy home not only looks horrific to the eyes, it also takes up a lot of space. Interior designers choose to limit a flat’s excess baggage by getting rid of the unnecessary. Excessive use of trinkets, rugs and design pieces can be an eyesore and a huge waste of space. Keep your apartment tidy and spacious by emphasising a simple lifestyle. If possible, keep the fuzz away and place “cluttery” possessions (books, files and mails) in a specific location so they don’t add to your home’s messy look.

Find the right storage options.
Consider having a cool closet organization system or dual purpose cabinets and drawers as a worthwhile investment. Plenty of storage space simply means less clutter. Interior designers make it a point to go for furniture selections that are not too bulky, but can be very handy when it comes to storage.

Choose the right lighting.
Soft lighting makes small rooms look glamorous and spacious. Darker hues can also be ideal for small spaces, but only when they are paired with the right furnishings.

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