Interior Design Solutions

Interior Design Solutions For Teens’ Bedrooms

When planning for the design of a teen’s bedroom, a good start would be to consider the preferences and the personality of the occupant of the room.

Only when you openly discuss the current interests and the identity that your child wants to establish will you be able to come up with the most apt interior design solutions for the bedroom.

Interior Design Solutions Using Colour

Whether it’s for a boy or a girl and no matter what style or motif is applied, what’s important is that the room shall continue to be your child’s favourite spot in the house until the time comes when he or she has to leave already.

It might be best to make use of neutral shades of paint or wall paper and just apply the preferred splashes of colours through the accessories, window treatment, decors, and furniture.

Interior Design Solutions Using Furniture & Accessories

Install a shelving unit to display your teen’s favourite things which can be anything from books, class photos, classic toys, trophies, mementos from past concerts, or souvenirs of a much-loved band or basketball team.

If your child is the type who always likes to go with the latest in fashion and therefore has the tendency to accumulate clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, it’s a must to get a large closet or have one custom-made that can accommodate all of these things.

If the room is small, consider elevating the bed and making it a loft to allow for a bigger study area or closet space. It will be a welcome idea for those who look at climbing a ladder to go to bed as a fun adventure.

Otherwise, you can make the bed the focal point with a comforter or linens that reflect the teen’s interests, in much-loved prints or colours.

Remember to put in a hamper as a reminder to keep dirty clothes and socks off the floor and wall pegs for backpacks and for those jeans that would usually be worn several times a week.

Strategically position the trash can near the bed or study table. With all of these interior design solutions provided for, there shouldn’t be an excuse not to keep the room tidy and organised.