Interior Designing In Singapore

Come Home to Inspiration With Interior Designing In Singapore

Discover that Interior Design is nothing less than spectacular, when your home is turned into the essence of your very being.  Taking the basic simplicity of a room and reworking into your own uplifting space, is what The Interior Place is all about.

Blossoming Styles of Interior Designing in Singapore

To say that The Interior Place (TIP) is unique in contemporary or modern design, would be an injustice to the hundreds of ways that chic is presented in their work.  

From white-on-white to par-quay in-layed planks of wood, personality is found in every job that is completed. Individuality is a better word for describing the style that radiates from this leader of design excellence.

One of the first qualities observed in entering a TIP designed home is the perfectly balanced lighting and color.  

A room that is mesmerizing, is no easy feat and takes hours of planning and expertise from skilled professionals.  Additional texture and proportion come only to the most qualified interior designers.

Examples of Interior Designing in Singapore

Take a canvas beginning of four bare walls and invision a ceiling painted in a warm, earthy rust color.  Add tubular lighting to one end and you have the start of an inviting area.  

By using the ceiling and floors for color and light, you can use your wall space for texture and favorite pieces of art.  By letting designers of TIP know what your desires and dreams are, you will find uniqueness and individuality in everything they present.

Chrome and mirrors, or natural green textures, inspiring scenes will match your mood perfectly.

The Interior Place has been serving residential and commercial clients since 1999.  It has taken years of pruning to meet the public’s needs and desires for a different type of style.  

Share your thoughts and ideas with one of the twenty interior designers that TIP has, and begin a journey into creating your own home of inspiration.