Rebuild For Landed Houses

Important Things To Know About Rebuild For Landed Houses

Singapore’s Rules About Rebuild For Landed Houses

Over time, house owners seek to improve the condition of their sanctuaries. They plan to carry out necessary adjustments to suit their growing family’s needs. Most of the time, homeowners desire to increase their floor area to allow them to move about more comfortably inside their houses.

Singapore government has been strictly implementing rules when it comes to development, reconstruction, and renovation of private residential properties. While this may pose seemingly great challenges on the part of homeowners, they should keep in mind that it is the government’s earnest desire to maintain the safety and security of all their citizens. This type of property is generally composed of landed houses, cluster housing, condominiums, apartment buildings, and other residential units situated in a mixed development.

Seeking Approval For Rebuild For Landed Houses

Before you can renovate anything in your existing house, you need to be sure of the legal steps you need to take. There are some rebuilding and renovation works that will require approval from the office of Building and Construction Authority (BCA). Interior design firms know this type of renovation works since they have been subjected to projects of this nature for several times already. Renovation works, which are considered minor alterations, are reflected in the list released by BCA. These can be carried out without going through the scrutiny of the government agency.

A lot of people get confused with some terms involved in house alteration. Reconstruction essentially refers to situation wherein there is an increase in the property’s gross floor area (GFA) exceeding 50% of the existing GFA. For instance, a particular single storey unit will be having an additional second storey. On the other hand, redevelopment mainly covers circumstances wherein the building is entirely demolished and replaced by a new one.

Your interior design firm will be able to assist you in terms of rebuild for landed houses. Their services will help you avoid the stress associated with complying with the government procedures, and will let you focus on the output that you want to achieve in your house renovation.